We don’t expect you to go up on your roof and do your own inspection. Aside from being unsafe, it’s possible that you might not find issues that an experience roofer would be looking for. But, there are some tell-tale signs that do warrant calling us to investigate.

Interior Indications

1. Ceiling moisture stains

2. Puddles in the attic space

3. Interior mold – especially in the upper areas of the home

4. Sunlight peeping in where it’s not supposed to

5. Look around vent pipes coming into the attic space for moisture damage

Inspecting from the ground

1. Warped, cracked or split shingles

2. Shingles that look worn (like they have been walked on over time)

3. Shingles that show a water track down the roof

4. Chimney erosion around the edges where it meets the roof

5. Uneven-ness (warping) in the roof 

6. Lifted shingles (wind damage)

7. Gutters filling up with granules 

8. Shingles curling

9. Siding deteriorating (improper water flow and drainage)

10. Discolored shingles and obvious Algae problems

Without going up on the roof, there are some things that are very difficult to detect from the ground (like hail damage) however if your home has just been hit with a wind and hail storm, the time to call and get it checked out is immediately!